leap day

= うるう日

Some people have a most unsusual birthday ― their birth-date occurs only once every four years. This is because they were born on a Leap Day, the extra day added to February each Leap Year to keep our calendar adjusted to the changing seasons.
ビジュアル英文解釈 Part I〈22〉

#浦和英語塾 自習用教材 


(1) the extra day は a Leap Day と【同格】の関係にあります。
(2) added(過去分詞)は the extra day(名詞)を修飾する【分詞】(2月に加えられた余分な1日)。その際,名詞と過去分詞の間には 主語と述語の関係がかくれています。<The extra day is added to February.(2月に余分な1日が加えられる)
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