Nagasaki Peace Declaration

田上 長崎市長 長崎平和宣言(一部抜粋)


Exactly 75 years have passed since the dayour city was assaulted by a nuclear bomb. Despite the passing of three quarters of a century, we are still living in a world where nuclear weapons exist. Just why is it that we humans are still unable to rid ourselves of nuclear weapons?


Are we truly unable to abandon these dreadful weapons that so cruelly take lives without even allowing for dignified deaths and force people to suffer for entire lifetimes as a result of radiation?


<If, as with the novel coronavirus which we did not fear it until it began spreading among our immediate surroundings, humanity does not become aware of the threat of nuclear weapons until they are used again>, we will find ourselves in an irrevocable predicament.

若い世代の皆さん。 新型コロナウイルス感染症,地球温暖化,核兵器の問題に共通するのは,地球に住む私たちみんなが「当事者」だということです。 あなたが住む未来の地球に核兵器は必要ですか。 核兵器のない世界へと続く道を共に切り開き,そして一緒に歩んでいきましょう。

Young people of the world; The novel coronavirus disease, global warming and the problem of nuclear weapons share one thing in common, and that is that they affect all of us who live on this Earth. Are nuclear weapons necessary for the world of the future that you will live in? Let us clear a path to a world free of nuclear weapons and walk down it together.