Lady Gaga's message

東日本大震災から10年を迎え,日本に向けてメッセージを寄せてくれた Lady Gaga もスバラシイが,そのメッセージを文字に起こして 構造分析してきた塾生もまたスバラシイ。Lady Gaga さんの生の英語を 皆さんとシェアしたいと思います。

Hi, Japan. This is Lady Gaga.

It seems like yesterday that I was watching the shocking footage of the devastating earthquake and tsunami on the news and thinking what can I do to help, I remember making a lot of phone calls that day.

Through the years, seeing and hearing about the vast recovery of your beautiful cities, I have so much respect to the people of Japan for your strength, kindness and love for each other.

I think it gives hope to the people now that are fighting through the COVID pandemic all around the world. However, I can also imagine that there are still many people fighting through the pain emotionally and mentally.

So, let's all continue to support each other, be kind to each other and love each other. I am always praying for you, Japan for a better world. We still live in a difficult time with the coronavirus.

Please take care of yourself and be kind to yourself and to the people around you. I look forward to coming back to Japan soon. "Aishitemasu!"

It seems ~ that SV(チャート式♠181),there is S ~ing(♠219),分詞構文(♠221)2ヶ所は いずれも 高1初出。what can I do は 中間話法(♠329)といって 教科書ではほどんど扱われません。中3初出の間接疑問(♠544)では what I can do となるところです。どちらが気持ちが伝わるか読み比べてみてください。now はうしろの関係代名詞節にかけてみる。語彙レベルでは respect...for,pray...for の ”なかよし” を押さえたい。look forward to ~ing は動名詞の 他の慣用表現として まとめて確認したい(♠207)。最後に,塾生であれば 中1教科書で考えた「and は何と何を and で結んでいるか? and を見たら考えよ!」ということが いかに大切で,かつ難しいか,よく考えてみてください。