Saitama International Marathon 2017

I'd like to say thank you to all the staff and volunteers who gave a warm support in every respect, which enabled us to enjoy running pleasantly on a beautiful autumn day.
Each person has his or her own goal in spite of whether you are the staff, a volunteer, or a cheerer along the course or a runner.  As for me, I couldn't reach my goal this time because of runner's knee pain.  But I will try it again next year, and we all will.


 1km   7:01
 2km   6:45
 3km   6:46
 4km   6:42
 5km   6:40
 6km   6:51
 7km   6:47
 8km   6:44
 9km   6:48
10km  6:50
11km  7:07
12km  7:04
13km  7:10
14km  7:13
15km  7:05
16km  8:26
17km  7:22
18km  7:45
19km  7:51
20km  7:56
21km  9:54
22km  8:42
23km 13:54
Dropped out of a race at the fifth point.